5 Bookish Themed Holiday Decorations to Add Literary Flair

If you love decorating for the holidays as much as I do, I know you’re excited to start (if you haven’t already). Here are a few book themed holiday decorations to change up or add to your current holiday decoration collection!

Book quote ornament

This adorable ornament is something that may cause a bit of pain, but a whole lot of pleasure at the sight of the final result. Cutting up a book may seem like something you don’t want to do, but there are tons of books sitting at the thrift store that you may never read. Turn them into a fabulous decoration. Or, find a copy of your favorite book to add a particular sentiment to it for you or a loved one.


Book Christmas tree

Now, I know all my pacifist book lovers out there can do this one. Easy, peasy, take your books and create something unique. This tree is sure to be a conversation starter. If you’re running out of books to use, take the advice from above. Check out local thrift shops to decorate for Christmas easily. All you need is the star and lights of your choice.


Book snowman

This cute idea, steps it up a couple of notches. A potential trial for even the most savvy crafters, this is a fun piece to have around the house. Would you try it?


Literary advent calendar

Creativity becomes an option when it comes to the advent calendar of your dreams. Who needs chocolate candies when you can open a new book each month? Yes this may be giving into your shopping habit, but consider it a holiday gift to yourself…right?


Book page wreath

Last, but certainly not least, is this crown jewel. A book wreath is the perfect, ideal bookish holiday decoration. It would be worth your while to pull from the thrift stores to create a piece to last you for years to come.


Did you see any decorations you would like to create? Have any more to add? If so, drop them in the comments below!

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