5 Must Try Wine Bottle Crafts for the Fall

I don’t know about you guys, but I drink a lot of wine. Enough that I’m starting to feel bad about the amount of bottles I’m contributing to our landfills. Rather than letting them all go to waste, I’m trying to opt for a crafty alternative. Here are a handful of ways you can transform your bottles from garbage to art:


Just because the weather is cooling off, doesn’t mean you have to stop enjoying your plants. Wine bottles make for classy and cute holders, each of which will be unique based on bottles of your choosing! There are plenty of simple ways to create these, whether you want to hang them from the ceiling or spruce up your desk at home or at work.

2. Candle holders

There are a few ways to go about this, depending on the kind of candles you want to make. Whatever your style, wine bottle candle holders will add some style to any home. There is nothing like a candlelit night in the warmth of your home as the weather cools down!

3. Lamps & Lights

You can do it all with wine bottles, from decorative light pieces to everyday lamp sets. These make for great gifts, whether you plan on giving them away or you’re just treating yourself! On top of overhead lighting and side lamps, you can also create cute centerpieces by filling the bottles with little twinkling lights.

4. Serving trays

What better way to serve your Thanksgiving meal than on homemade trays? You can make bowls and platters that will look great on the table when you have the family over, and you can brag about creating them yourself!  

5. Halloween Decorations

And of course, you can simply decorate for upcoming fall festivities. Whether you just use paint, fabrics or other supplies, you can transform your old wine bottles into ghosts, mummies, jack-o-lanterns and more.


Half the fun with these crafts comes from the time you spend actually creating them. As the weather cools off, now is the perfect time to host a crafting night with your pals! This list isn’t exhaustive, but it’s definitely a good start to get you in the fall spirit. The best part? You get to drink wine to stock your supplies.

So, get crackin’! You can even check out Bright Cellars to start your own wine subscription and get the bottles delivered straight to you! .

Happy crafting, and until next time, cheers!


Written by our Contributor Kerry Souder

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