5 Ways to Improve Your Morning Routine

Exhausted every morning? Feeling drained before you day has even began? You need a morning routine. A routine is just the thing to cure even the most fatigued and busiest of women.

Though it sounds like more work, you need something to give you purpose and drive in the morning. So, how do you do it? Where do you begin?

1) Create one. It will give you something to look forward to. If you make your morning routine something you love, it will *probably* make your morning that much better.

2) Drink one glass of water first thing when you wake up. Go ahead, chug it. After sleeping all night without a drop of water, your body is thirsty, your skin is thirsty, and your metabolism is thirsty.

3) Stretch or do yoga. Find a sequence that works for you, or do a new one every day, whatever makes it easiest. This is a good way to re energize your sleepy body and mind, and provide that slow start you always wake up craving.

4) Shower at night? Shower in the morning. Look I get it. Sometimes it really is easier to wash your hair at night, but just get up and rinse your body. Then, you can even incorporate number three and stretch IN the shower. Pls, be careful though, no slips.

5) Finally, have breakfast. This one should be a no-brainer. Your body, the one that just went hours without water? On top of that, it just went hours without food too. Set aside a few moments to cut up an apple, fry an egg, make your favorite smoothie, or whatever works for you.

By following these routines not only will you perk up your mornings, you will also perk up your whole day. Not to mention, we could all stand to do a little more exercise or drink some more water. The benefits are endless from start to finish.

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