Banned Book Review: Charlotte’s Web

It’s a story we all know, the story of a Pig and a Spider who become the best of friends. Charlotte’s Web, by E.B. White, is a story that is something to be fondly remembered. The timeless story was something we almost all grew up with, almost all.

The story itself is self explanatory. The seemingly innocent and harmless E.B. White book has unfortunately joined the ranks of books that have been censored and banned from the school systems.

In a small school in Kansas, in 2006, the book was banned due to several different reasons. One of them being that, “ [the book has] talking animals [which] are blasphemous and unnatural;” along with that, certain sections of the novel were censored for being, “innapropriate subject matter for a children’s book.”


Fern, the main character, has a soft spot for a little pig that lives on her farm, named Wilbur. Wilbur, the pig, makes friends with Charlotte, the spider. The two become friends, and work together throughout the novel.

Wilbur knows as he is a pig, that he will eventually be taken for slaughter. Charlotte teams up to help him discover his purpose and worth. Ultimately, leading them to save Wilbur’s life.

So, What were the sections of the book that called for the Ban?

The sections were under fire were about when Charlotte, the spider, dies. The children were too sensitive to encounter the natural phenomenon of death. If you have read the novel, you will recall that Charlotte passes after her babies are born. That is the natural, regular lifestyle of a spider. 

Why would we shield children from death? Why would we want them to be ignorant instead of knowledgeable about such an occurrence that happens everyday? Would we rather hide the children from something so very real?

These are questions that we have to answer for ourselves, but they are the also the questions we will need to answer for our children.

Would you ant Charlotte’s Web Banned from schools?

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