Banned Book Review: The Hate U Give

Here at Babes, Books & Bordeaux, our last Banned Book Review will be over a book we have been reading in our Virtual Book Club this month. We have the privilege of reading The Hate U Give by Angie Thomas.

Raw, real, and immensely powerful, especially in today’s political and social climate, this banned book review cuts deep.

**Caution Spoilers Ahead**

The Hate U Give contains subject matter that reigns unfortunately true in today’s society.

As we begin, the story opens at a high school party.  *Queue your memories of the parties that seemed so much cooler back in the day* Shortly into the chapter, we are introduced to the main character Starr, her feisty friend/sister Kenya, and her old friend Khalil.

As the story progesses, it comes to a quick head faster than most, Khalil is shot and killed by a police officer.  Start, being the only witness, faces a whirlwind of emotions, PTSD, and a range of damaging experiences.

However, it’s the intensity itself, language, and the violent subject matter that parents and professionals have called for the banning of this book. But couldn’t it be argued that all of these factors represent life itself? The language is sharp, but it’s real. The violence is awful, but it’s real. The intensity of the gangs and the political subjects are harsh, but it is real. It’s all real.

Throughout this week there has been one common theme. We are shielding children. We are shielding them from real life. Why can’t they learn from it instead of running into these experiences with no knowledge of them?

All sides can be argued, but when it comes down to it, censorship is all about control.

Have read the book? If you haven’t, I highly recommend grabbing a copy, you will not regret it.

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