24 Bookish Wedding Ideas for the Reader

Fancy books do you? Well, I would assume so based on the website you’re on. This one’s for the brides out there, or the aspiring brides, searching for the perfect wedding. When you think of your big day, what do you see?

Do you see lace? Ribbons? Dramatic or classic? Or perhaps, a bookish wedding?

Bookish themed weddings are on the rise, and ideas and inspirations are popping up everywhere. To ensure the perfect bookish wedding is in your future, here are 24 examples of beautiful book themed weddings.

  1. DIY Your Own Table Runner
  2. Send out Bookmark shaped Save the Dates
  3. Have your Guests sign their very own library card
  4. Buy thrifted copies of your favorite books, and use the pages for a bouquet that only ages with beauty
  5. Pick your favorite love quotes, and have them printed out. One for each table.
  6. Thrifting again, look for books that your guests may like, and send them home as favors.
  7. Make your welcome sign look like your very own love story, book shaped and all.
  8. Library Card Save the Dates anyone?
  9. Have everyone dress up like their favorite character, talk about a themed party.
  10. Create the bow-ties and boutonnieres out of the book of your choice
  11. Break out the old fashioned card catalog, as the perfect way to arrange seat assignments.
  12. Create a book arch, no better place to say I-do.
  13. Set up a mini library for your guests
  14. Get the perfect custom cufflinks from his favorite book for your groom
  15. Or, consider earrings for the brides & bridesmaids
  16. Create a signature cocktail based off your favorite!
  17. Book themed cake, let your imagination run wild.
  18. Stack books as centerpieces & to hold food
  19. Have a reading nook
  20. Paint bricks to look like book-ends for the perfect rustic flair
  21. Create a directional sign posts pointing to far away lands you only travel to in your readings
  22. Hang open books from the ceiling of your venue (with their permission of course)
  23. Use Scrabble pieces to spell out table names/numbers
  24. Ask your guests to sign your guest book with a sentence, each guest continues with a new sentence to carry the story on. At the end? A book created by you and your loved ones.

After all of these examples, aren’t you excited? The ideas and possibilities are endless. What are some of the bookish wedding decor you would have in your wedding? Already have one? We want to see your examples! Drop them below, or email us contact@babesbooksandbordeaux.com

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