Boss Babe Apps You Need to Download

Are you a busy girl boss who’s always on the go? Have no fear, here are a few apps I think every girl boss needs to have to maximise efficiency, and take it from me I’m always all in to be efficient. The apps I listed below are all available to download on your phone, so they will always be with you no matter where you are.

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Spendee is an app that tracks all your financial transactions. There are numerous other financial tracking apps other than this one, but this one works best for me because mainly it has a simple interface that you can grasp within a matter of minutes, so you can start tracking your finances in approximately 2 minutes!

You can view all your transactions or filter them by your preferences of the amount, time or category in your ‘wallet’. The Spendee team then emails you a tailored monthly analysis of your financial position: the number of transactions made, your incomes and expenditures in that particular month, as well as your current balance.

I personally love this app because it enables me to keep a record of all my transactions, then compare them with the said transactions on the official banking app, it’s twice the work but IF—hopefully you don’t though—you come across a fraudulent transaction, it will be way easier to spot because you have a personal record of all your transactions.

If you’re like me who’s not so willing to pay for the premium version of any apps, then you’re in luck! Because unlike many other apps that limit the number of your transactions, Spendee does not, even in the free version! There are various currencies to suit your criterion, so there’s no sweat there!

The premium version links your bank account (or more if you bank with more than one institution, and not just that, it can also keep track of your PayPal account and your cryptocurrencies. But that’s just a few reasons why this app is perfect for the boss babe.

Spendee is available on both the iOS and Android.


Boss babe clue app

Ever since I got my first period, my mom has always told me to keep a diary of the dates of my cycles. But that was 8 years ago, back when my 13 year old self had no cell phone to track every aspect of my life. Fear not, today you need not paper anymore to do so, an app will do that for you, and I recommend you this app called Clue!

Clue does not only track your cycle but it can also track the your moods, amount of sleep and exercise, also your drive for sex. It then uses the data you input, and  analyses them to give you a prediction of your cycles, when you will get your period next or when you are predicted to ovulate, so really the app is not just useful for tracking your periods, but also can be useful if you wish to conceive, of course always use the app with discretion as it does not substitute a doctor or an OBGYNS’s advice.

What gets me is its nice design, with a display that makes information easy to digest and encourages you to input data every day, which of course benefits you for a more accurate prediction of your cycles, but also the Clue team for being able to use your data for research purposes, so really it’s just a win-win for every girlies out there!

The paid version that analyses your cycles even deeper and tell you more about them, but personally the free version is enough for me.

Clue is available on both iOS and Android.


For some journaling their day could be bothersome or at times embarrassing, but for others it becomes a way of expressing one’s self, to clear one’s thoughts or straighten out any strains in a friendship/relationship.

Boss Babe Journaling App

Reflectly will help your boss babe self make journaling fun, if it’s not already! The app lets you rate your day from a range of emotions from awesome all the way to terrible, what made that day great/sour, then gives you the space to reflect on the events that occurred on that particular day. And if you don’t have anything to write about or find yourself in a block, they give you prompts too! Questions like: ‘When was the last time you told someone that you appreciate them?’ that are very broad yet absolutely provoking to you express your feelings even deeper.

The app itself is really aesthetically pleasing and just super calming, just the perfect combination to get your mind to relax! Journaling has been proven to help with emotional intelligence, plus who could ever rely on human memory? With this app you can look back entries from months ago and see just how much you’ve changed by explicitly expressing your thoughts and feelings out of that brain of yours. Why not give it a shot?

The premium version lets you create unlimited entries and helps you analyse the statistics of the motions of your days. There is also a biometric passcode lock to keep your journal a secret from people who might sneakily peek into the app. They let you trial the premium version for 7 days, but after the trial it’s going to set you back some $$ to keep the advances of journaling.

Reflectly is available on both iOS and Android.


Who really likes math anyway? Hate calculating the bill after a meal with your friends/coworkers? If you relate to this then this app is perfect for you!

Boss Babe Check Splitting app

Plates help you calculate how much your meal contributed to the total bill, then dividing the tax by the number of people eating with you. What’s better is that it is not only for individual meals, but you can also split the cost of that nachos you shared with your three friends, or that banana split you shared with your sister.

The best part is that the app interface is simple, so that anyone who hates math would not be easily confused by the numbers. Truly, just a simple app that would really make your boss babe life easier.

Plates is available on both iOS and Android.

Written by our Lovely Contributor Kellen Leonata

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