Canned Wine and the New Frontier

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When you think of wine, what comes to your mind?

Do you think of clinking glasses? Dream of popping the bottles? Or fear of  fighting with the corkscrew? (Again).

As we continue to simplify our lives in other areas, we have also now simplified the wine bottle…into a can. Needless to say, canned wine is taking the wine industry by storm, and quite possibly the beer industry as well.

With the ease and convenience, of a more portable, easy to open wine, women everywhere are flocking to pick up their new favorite six pack. Here are some of the Pros and Cons curated by our team.

Pros of Canned Wine

  • Portable, you can take them quite literally everywhere
  • Carbonation, everyone likes happy bubbles
  • Trendy, c’mon, this makes for a great Insta for the Gram
  • Cost, they’re usually very cost efficient

Cons of Canned Wine

  • Variety, the variety of wines that are canned are definitely fewer and far between.
  • Carbonation, you’re almost always stuck with bubbles, and if you’re not….well…
  • Trendy …the trends tend to pass
  • Style, while they’re cute on the gram, that’s about where it begins and ends.

Regardless of the cons, some of our favorite canned wines are The Drop Wine and Anyday Rose. Both of these brands are packaged to keep up with us and satisfy our craving, whether it’s white, red, or of course, rose.

Still not feeling the canned wine trend? Or curious about wine all together? Check out Bright Cellars to get a special wine subscription curated for you and your palate. Oh, and get that classic wine bottle feel in the process.

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