Admirable Author: Colleen Hoover

Authors. They create our favorite books. They create magical characters and extraordinary worlds that we get to be a part of. But what do they do
outside of writing? Many authors live extraordinary lives and help create better lives for others. One of the most amazing authors I have had the pleasure of meeting is Colleen Hoover.

Colleen Hoover is from Sulphur Springs, Texas and is a young adult romance author. She has written 18 novels and has touched many lives with them. She covers many mature situations such as domestic abuse, mental illness and sexual manipulation. Her books are led by strong females that always strive to make their lives better.

Much like her books, Colleen Hoover has created different foundations that make the lives of other women better.

Colleen Hoover is the founder of the Book Worm Box; an autographed book subscription that donates all proceeds to charities in need. This foundation is run by Hoover and her select team. The store collects novels that were donated and autographed by other authors and they assemble boxes that are sent out to monthly subscribers. 100% of the money donated and collected through the subscriptions are given to charities in need. They have raised over 1 million dollars and have helped more than 400 charities. Among the charities they have helped are Louisiana Cajun Navy and Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep; both charities that help people in different communities with personal and natural tragedies.

A Woman of Charity

Hoover and her team also organized a book signing called Book Bonanza. This book signing was organized in 2018 to help Safehouse Denver; a foundation that helps survivors of domestic abuse regain control of their life. Book Bonanza was an event that was meant to be fun for readers as well as authors, but also it was meant to raise funds and awareness for women that escaped domestic abuse. This book signing recruited over 150 authors as volunteers and sold 2,000 tickets to readers. They also created
raffles and other opportunities for people to raise money in the name of struggling women. In the end, they donated over $50,000 to Safehouse Denver. The team has now decided to continue Book Bonanza as an
annual event and raise money for over charities.

colleen hoover

This year, they are raising money for Akola. Akola is a charity that raises money jewelry brand that helps women in poverty rebrand their lives by providing social groups and other classes that teach them to make the best financial decision for their families and communities. Authors have lives outside of writing, and many use their money and fame to help struggling people.

Colleen Hoover is a woman all about helping women; and women helping women is one of the most important things today. I hope you, as a reader, investigate your favorite authors and see what they maybe doing to help their communities. If you are lovers of romance novels and giving to others, I recommend looking into Book Bonanza and The Bookworm Box. Colleen Hoover is not one to miss out on.

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Written by our Contributor Taylor Hulsey

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