Cozy Night In: The Bundle You’ve Been Searching For

Hey BBB Ladies,


We have some exciting news to share with you! We are launching our very first Babes, Books and Bordeaux bundle available for purchase online and at BBB events. We are so excited to present you with only the best bundles. Our first bundle is titled Cozy Night In. This theme is very important to us because we always want to promote self care, as well as intentional habits. As the boss babes you are, sometimes you just need a night to yourself to just be cozy and relaxed. That’s why we have bundled together only the best quality items to insure that you have the best most memorable cozy nights in.

So what exactly does the Cozy Night In bundle consist of?


First, we have a crazy soft pashmina shawl to snuggle up in, paired with a candle to set the relaxing mood. Slip on the fuzzy socks to warm your feet, grab the mug and our reiki tea bag to make you warm and relax.  Last but not least, settle in with a hand selected book picked out by the BBB team, guaranteed to make your heart and soul happy.

Soon, you’ll start to feel the Cozy night in from the inside out. 


One of the aspects that make our bundles so unique is variety. You can expect products to change or rotate, as we always continue to support other businesses. Also, we will always hand select, thought out book selections in every bundle. We are determined to provide you with a personal touch. 

Thanks to you all, we are so grateful to be sharing this news with you. We hope that our Cozy Night In bundle will keep you, your family and your friends nice and cozy. To order for yourself or as a gift check out the link below. Also, be sure to look out for more fun bundle themes coming soon that you definitely don’t want to miss out on. Happy reading. 


BBB Executive Team


Cozy Night In


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