Decanting Wine: When and Why It’s Important

Focused bar tender serving wine from a decanter at a restaurant

Visually, a decanter is a fabulous decoration, but it can also be an important and specific tool to be utilized with drinking wine.

First things first, what is it?

A decanter is a vessel used to decant or to receive decanted liquids; especially an ornamental glass bottle used for serving wine

In simpler terms, this is a cool-ass piece to have on your kitchen counter. And, it also makes most wines taste better.

You might be thinking, okay, but I strictly maintain a liquid diet of boxed wine and the occasional grocery store add on.

But hear me out. You can still do those things, and take it one step further thanks to a decanter.

So, we already covered the decoration aspect of a decanter. But there are actually some truly amazing benefits that can make the cheapest of wines taste like that expensive glass you splurge for on GNO.

Decanters actually successfully pour the wine without disturbing any of the natural sediment from the bottom. Which, yes, there is sediment at the bottle of your wine. Yay for aging and fermentation! But, this process adds a smoothness and clarity to the wine that you would have not otherwise experienced.

Another awesome and lesser known fact about decanters is that they introduce oxygen into the wine. The good ole’ oxygen releases certain compounds which have effects on the flavor, textures, and the aromas of wine.

You know every time you see someone swirling their glass and smelling it? Yeah, that’s what’s happening there. It’s not just to look boujee. (You’re welcome).

Now that you know why decanting is important, when and how is it right to use it?

First things first, this is best done with a red wine. However, a decanter can be used for older whites to bring new life to the bottle.

When you’re picking out the bottle to use in the decanter make sure it’s been sitting vertically for at least an hour. This allows any sediment from laying horizontally to go to the bottom of the bottle.

From here, we can slowly begin to pour the wine into your beautifully selected decanter . Pour slowly to ensure you do not let all the sediment into the decanter. If you want to get really fancy, hold up your phone’s flashlight to the bottle to watch for clouds headed towards the neck of the bottle.

Let the wine sit for however much time you feel appropriate. It can be 15 minutes, it can be an hour. Whenever you smell the wine and it smells delicious and you have to have it, or you’re pressed for time, you’re good to go.

From there you can use the decanter to serve the wine for your amazing dinner party, or yourself. No judgement.

Happy Wine Wednesday Ladies!


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