How to Keep Opened Wine Fresh

Is there anything more annoying than a half-empty bottle of wine? You’re stuck between wanting to leave some for the weekend and keeping it fresh and delicious.

Tips to Keep Your Opened Wine Fresh

#1 Capping your bottle

This is the most effective way to keep your bottle of wine fresh. You’ve probably figured as much, but capping your bottle ensures that the surface area of the leftover wine makes minimal contact with the oxygen in the air.

There are two ways to cap your wine bottle –  using a stopper or using a piece of plastic that you can secure tightly with a rubber band. We fully support the former as it is the most environmentally friendly option. Plus, you can find some pretty cute wine stoppers to give your wine some style! We love these Intention Stoner stoppers with each stone representing a different intention!

Intention Stone Wine Stoppers
Image via Uncommon Goods

#2 Vacuum Pump

Vacuum pumps draw out the oxygen that entered the bottle and are especially helpful gadgets for champagne. This way, your delicious bubbles don’t fizz out entirely. Only a little pricier, a vacuum pump is a great investment for someone who wants the perfect seal. And it’s also a great tool to show off at a party!

Wine Vacuum Pump
Image via Crate & Barrel

#3 Refrigeration 

This one should be pretty easy. All you need is a refrigerator, and you don’t even have to own a fancy-schmancy wine fridge! Refrigerating wine helps slow down the wine’s oxidation. Oxidation is the process that turns the acetaldehyde in the wine into acetic acid, creating an essentially vinegar-like taste, something we surely don’t want! Although oxidation is an important step in the wine-making process, one wrong move in the storing process could quickly spoil the grape juices.

Opened wine bottles should also be kept away from places that are near heat and/or light. This is important to avoid any discoloration of the wine or to avoid the wine from losing its vibrancy of flavor. Prevent any dramatic changes such as going from the cold refrigerator to hot areas of your room.

A last quick pro-tip: store your bottle in an upright position to minimize the surface area of wine exposed to oxygen; this will slow down the oxidation process, keeping your wines fresh for longer.

We think these are some pretty simple tips you can use to help keep your opened wine fresh! If you know of more ways that are not mentioned above, do feel free to comment below so that we can share your cool tricks, too!


Written by our lovely contributor, Kellen Leonata!

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