Ways to Keep Yourself Up as the Temperature Goes Down

Winter temperature got you down? Well, I’m here to pick you back up. As the weather gets colder, it becomes easier to hunker down in your blankets and ignore every productive bone in your body. Yes, you can relax. 

dog relaxGoing to the gym? Doable with your handy ClassPass subscription, but getting out of bed seems like enough of a work out to me. Want to finish those side projects after work? Forget about it, it’s already dark and time for bed by 5! Trying to finish writing that Babes, Books and Bordeaux article? Sure, but hot chocolate and movies while you relax sounds like a good plan first. (I may be projecting a bit here…)

Whatever you’re trying to accomplish, the winter blues will try their best to deter you. Here are some ways you can fight back:


Break from your routine

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Routines are helpful, but repetition can become monotonous. I’m the type of person that enjoys structure, but I like to switch it up when I feel myself slowing down. Embracing change is important in many aspects of your life, and it can be especially helpful when it comes to rejuvenating your spark. Whether it be for your physical health, emotional energy or creative sanity, breaking from your schedule can do wonders for your body and soul. Now, I know we’re all busy humans. And, it doesn’t have to be a drastic change. But if you can, allow yourself a little time to pause your daily life.

Make a list, if only to cross things off it.


Hi, hello, neurotic list-maker here. I absolutely love writing down what needs to get done. Why? Simply because I love crossing out each one after they are complete–from writing these articles to copying down my work schedules to, heck, making a trip to the store. You’ll feel great drawing a line through each finished task. Besides, keeping a calendar is fun. You can write down all the exciting activities coming up in your life, too! This includes holidays, visits from friends, or tracking that online order from Amazon. One of the things keeping me going this November is knowing I get to see a few of my favorite people at the end of the month!

Celebrate the small stuff


Take things a day at a time, and celebrate even the tiniest of victories! Relax. It’s easy to get overwhelmed thinking about your goals as a whole, and it’s even easier to lose sight of why you’re trying to complete them in the first place. Something I like to do is break apart long-term goals into shorter tasks. However insignificant it may seem, every small step you take is a leap toward a better you!

Above all, remember that it’s okay to relax. Staying motivated doesn’t mean being on all the time, so don’t feel bad about the moments you take for yourself. In fact, bask in it. Perhaps put in that next order of wine from Bright Cellars and really take advantage of that downtime. The best way to recharge for a new day is to kick back and chill, even if only for a moment. Snuggle in with your favorite Audio book from Audible, and get two free books on us through December 30th. Oh yes, you heard me, free. Or download it on your Kindle.

I’m only one human, so I would love to hear some of the ways you keep yourself on track. Until then, stay motivated pals!


By our lovely contributor, Kerry Souder.

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