How to Make Your Cheap Wine Taste Expensive

Having company over to your house can be the best, and worst, thing you do. It’s so fun to have friends over to come see your place, maybe play a few games, hang out, and have some grub.

You’re setting the places for dinner, the timer’s going off on your pressure cooker, and you run to pop open a bottle of wine.

You stop.

Does it matter if it’s expensive or not? Will they be able to tell the difference? All you have in the house is a cheap bottle you grabbed on the way home. One the local gas station’s finest, it works great for you and your favorite chick flick, but will it work for a fancy dinner with friends? Don’t fret, there’s a few ways to make your favorite the finest.


Here are a few tips to avoid any questions about your wine selection:
  • Use a Decanter, this hides the bottle and adds oxygen to the wine
  • Look up what type of wine pairs best with what you’re cooking. Go one step further than just a Red with Beef. Having a pork tenderloin? Go with a nice Merlot. Having shrimp? Select a Pinot Grigio. This will help to bring out the best flavor the wine has to offer.
  • Work with the temp, google the wine you’ve got and figure out what temperature makes it taste just right.
  • Own it, once they comment on how delicious it is, flaunt those savings girl!

You’ll be recommending budget wines in no time, and your friends will be wondering how yours tasted so different. If you’re feeling kind, show them!

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