Manifesting Through Scripting

Okay, real talk, let’s focus on  how to manifest what you desire in life through scripting. First let’s get down to the nitty gritty of what scripting is and how to use it to make all of your longings and dreams in life become your reality. Scripting has recently began to rise into popularity here lately. It has been a common topic for blogs and YouTube videos alike. Scripting is basically like a vision board for writers. There are really only two steps you need to know in order to use scripting to manifest your dreams into your life….

What are they?


1) You write down exactly what you want to manifest into your life as if it has already happened. You will want to be as descriptive as possible and include things like what you are wearing, what’s the weather like, who is with you, how are your emotions, etc. when describing what it is that you are manifesting.

2) The final step to scripting is you have to believe that what you wrote down will actually happen to you in the exact way that you wrote it out to be. It is helpful to re-read what you scripted out a couple times to remind yourself, but it’s not necessary. As long as you believe that it will happen, it will happen.


As always, one of our Chief Editor used these two steps for scripting in her own life to manifest one of her biggest dreams into her life.

Read below to see how she made scripting work for her.


“I had heard about scripting from one of my favorite youtubers (Sam Ozkural) and she really sparked my interest in all things Law of Attraction. A couple of weeks ago I decided to bite the bullet and to script about one my biggest dreams. I wanted to manifest becoming a pre-closer and post-closer at my current company, but I also wanted to be moved to a different office to learn pre-closing and to continue doing post-closing out of as well. Below is a picture of what I scripted out and the date in which I wrote it…


On September 17th I officially got to move to the office that I wanted as well as began my journey to being a pre-closer. That day was exactly how I had scripted it. Every single detail even the weather was exactly how I had wrote it out to be. I will admit I was skeptical of Scripting and frankly anything to do with Law of Attraction, but just following those two steps and seeing it come to life has completely changed my opinions on not only Law of Attraction but life as a whole. We all have the power to use positivity as well as scripting to allow the things we desire to flow freely into our lives.”

~Brittnie Jones

Chief Editor for BBB

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