Woman of the Week: Joèl Adrienne Amzil

Meet: Joèl Adrienne Amzil. Joèl’s oil business started with her eyelids of all things. “I’d gone from looking 30 to 70+ overnight.  They were red, scaly and very painful.  And nothing was taking the problem away.  Then I remembered the magical oil from Morocco that my husband had mentioned to me on a few occasions.  I asked my mother in law to send me some.  And better yet, she said ‘I’ll make you some!’  I fell in love with that first batch of her hand-pressed Argan Oil.  I got everyone I knew to try it.  And it just grew from there.  We are proud to be able to hire single moms in Morocco at excellent wages to bring the world a product that is effective, healthy, authentic, eco-friendly and ethical.”

Thus, Saadia Organics began – a beautiful skincare company.

Of course, here are our favorite questions:

Favorite Book:  “Choosing only one is impossible.  😉 My long time favourite is Norwegian Wood by Haruki Murakami (Alfred Birnbaum’s translation). My favourite of 2018 was The Great Alone by Kristin Hannah.  The book I can read (and have read) a million times?  Carry On by Rainbow Rowell.  And… I love pretty much everything by Neal Shusterman.  Non fiction?  Honeymoon in Purdah: An Iranian Journey by Alison Wearing.”

Favorite Beverage: “Would it be boring if I said Vancouver tap water with ice?  Yes?  Ok, how about something called a “Lime Squash” that I enjoyed several times in Bali. It’s delicious.”

What are you passionate about?  “Believe it or not, this is a tough question for me right now!  I absolutely love my business.  And I, of course, adore my family.  But getting caught up in the midst of taking care of the company and the kids it’s easy to lose sight of the things that breathe life into me.  So how about I say that I’m passionate about rediscovering past passions and seeking out new ones.”

What do you do really, really well? “Streamlining!  I find ways to get work done very quickly and easily.  And in the blocks of time I have allocated to work, I am a MACHINE and can get a lot of stuff done.  I am very grateful for this ability.  I rarely feel stuck under piles of work and obligations – and that is a beautiful thing.”

If you could do anything with your time (regardless of obligations and finances), what would you do? “Travel!  And then travel some more.  There are so many places I want to go that I haven’t been to yet.  My business and my husband’s family take us back to Morocco most often.  I always appreciate when we are able to see other places, too.  Especially now that my ‘baby’ is 4, trips that are further and longer are more enjoyable. So I’d love to take more of them.”

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