Play with Glue and Plan Your Life


It’s a Friday morning, you’re waking up, going to work, coming home, and FINALLY relaxing from the Monday through Friday lifestyle that drives you insane.

You hate your schedule.

You hate your boss.

You’re just not happy.

But, you don’t have to live this way. At least, not forever.

Most Friday nights are spent out with friends, a significant other, or sometimes (the best times) chilling at home in your favorite sweatpants with that comfy ass T-shirt with the mustard stain you never got out on it. Instead of just curling up in bed with your phone and another Netflix bender, add a little craftiness into your Friday evening. Use this time to plan and manifest what you want out of life, all from the comfort of your favorites listed above. Create a vision board.

What you need:
  • Poster Board or a Canvas (personal choice)
  • Glue, I prefer the cheap glue that’s fun to pull off your hands
  • Scissors, for obvious reasons
  • Markers/Paint (optional, just depends how crafty you’re feeling)
  • As many old magazines and newspapers you can find
  • Any other memories, items, or print outs of things that represent the life you want.
  • A handful of dreams

Use these items and aspirations to cut, paste, and manifest the life you want for yourself. If you want to be the next boss babe of your office, cut out printouts of women you admire. If you want to eat healthier, clip health food magazine photos of fresh whole foods. If you want to change careers all together, find everything you can to represent who you are going to be when that change comes.

Finally, take your newly finished board and put it someplace you can see everyday. I personally love my closet with my vanity, so I can wake up and see just what’s ahead.

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