The Most Ominous Question: Red or White?

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Red or White? 

When entering the world of wine, you’ll be greeted with this question right off the bat. While it seems simple on the surface, reds and whites alike are home to a variety of flavors, aromas and mouthfeels. Drinking wine is a journey where you can explore your palate and find your fix. Many people fall along the middle of the spectrum, but you can count on everyone having a distinct preference.

My heart definitely lies with the red wines of the world. But don’t get me wrong, this isn’t to say I hate white wines. Pinot grigio and riesling have still found their respective places in my heart.

Alas, I stand by the fact that nothing compares to a glass of cabernet at the end of the day.

So, what makes red wine so dang great? Check out this wine-loving gal’s list to find out:

1. Red wines nailed the balance between dryness and sweetness.

When it comes to white wines, I always feel like I’m either drinking juice (I’m looking at you, moscato) or a dry glass of acid (*cough* chardonnay). I found that veering toward sweeter flavors was a good move when I first started drinking wine, but now I can barely stand the assaulting sugary taste.

Now, I know not all white wines offer the sweetness that moscato does, but many do still hold tight to that citrus flavor and dry, acidic finish. It seems with most white wines, I just can’t find a balance of flavors that sits right on my tongue. By contrast, every red wine I have tried has been anywhere between pleasant and downright delicious–from the soft fruity flavors of Pinot Noir to the savory, full-bodied cabernet.

2. You can enjoy a glass any time of the year.

I know, I know, it may sound crazy to sit with a glass of red wine on a hot summer day. However, in addition to the amazing sangria recipes you can experiment with, there are plenty of red wines to be chilled and Enjoyed! Namely your Pinot Noirs, but you’d be surprised that even a good merlot can be served cold.

More importantly and more timely, a tall glass of red wine is just what one needs. As fall takes over and the temperatures begin to drop, it’s perfect.

What better way to warm your soul than with a glass of rich red wine? In my opinion, red wine’s earthy flavors are far more inviting than the sour, citrus tartness of many white wines.

3. A glass of red wine a day keeps the doctor away!

Along with being delicious, red wine is considered to be a heart-healthy beverage by many doctors. This thought is because of antioxidants called polyphenols that are found in grape skins.

Additionally, a healthline study revealed red wines have higher levels of plant compounds and nutrients since they are fermented with the grape skin and seeds, which are also beneficial to your body.

While more tests are still needed to prove the effectiveness of these claims, there is a proven positive correlation between red wine in moderation and heart benefits. According to Mayo Clinic, that is. I don’t know about you, but I can get on board with that lifestyle!

All these statements aside, I know your decision will always fall back on your own personal tastes. I am a red wine lover through and through, but I am not here to hate on white wines! In fact, if any white wine enthusiasts have suggestions for me to try, I am always open to expanding my mind (and my palate)! Whatever your fix is, I think we can all agree that wine is a woman’s best friend.

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Until next time, cheers!
Written by one of our contributors: Kerry Souder

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  1. Lovely article Kerry Souder! I wish I liked wine because your article definitely makes it sound like fun to choose one and drink it! Love you!

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