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‘Tis the season for spooky stories! I’ve always been a sucker for horror movies, but sometimes I have a hard time keeping my full attention on them. I’m not ashamed to admit I probably have the attention span of a puppy when it comes to watching things. Thus, my love for podcasts was born! More specifically, ~spooky~ podcasts.

There are so many out there, so I’m here to point you in the right direction. Join me as I guide you through a list of fantastic podcasts hosted by even more fantastic babes:

And That’s Why We Drink

Join Christine Schiefer (Christine Lapugnale as of Oct. 13–Congrats Christine!) and Em Schultz as they take you on a journey through the world of true crime and the paranormal. While ATWWD has only one female host, Christine and Em are both complete and total badasses! Each episode starts off with the two talking about their weeks, and more specifically, what is causing them to drink (whether it be a happy reason or bad). Em then kicks us off with one of their bone-chilling paranormal stories covering everything from haunted hotels to creepy dolls.

They are an incredible storyteller and has a natural love for everything paranormal, making for an amazing segment every time. Once you’re thoroughly spooked, Christine quickly launches into an equally terrifying tale involving true crime. Christine is probably one of the most well-informed true crime lover out there in my opinion, and her stories are always backed by piles of research.

These two badasses cover stories both widely documented and hardly known, and you can bet Christine has a glass of wine by her side almost every time. Arguably, the best part is you get to keep up with their lives and really start to feel like you know them. Behind the scenes, these two friends are backed by their rockstar employee, Eva! Eva keeps the show running smoothly and is an absolute badass for that, which means she definitely deserves a shout out! ATWWD is a great combination of comedy, ghosts and crime. I can promise you’ll be thoroughly spooked, but you’ll also probably cry from laughing along the way. Check out their website, and start your binge-listening! As you can tell from the length of this description, this one is my absolute favorite!


Brave Girls Club

Another true-crime and horror podcast coming at you, hosted by three amazing badass women: Lyndsie, Kelly and Khrysta. These brave ladies pack three disturbing stories into every episode for your pleasure! (Or displeasure?) Either way, you’ll be at the edge of your seat as they discuss just about everything that’s freaky in the world. I’m talking aliens, spirits, murderers, urban legends… You name it! The even cooler part is after they tell their tales, the trio often mentions a few brave girls who deserve to have their stories heard as well. While these badass ladies don’t have a website, you can check out their Facebook page and can listen across a variety of platforms!


Two Girls, One Ghost

Hosted by Corinne Vien and Sabrina Deana-Roga, Two Girls, One Ghost is a podcast about everything paranormal. Follow these two best friends as they recount spooky tales and even share a few stories of their own stories along the way. That’s right, on top of the cases they research, the two have also had far too many of their own experiences with the paranormal that they sprinkle throughout each episode. Both gals are as funny as their stories are creepy. You’re definitely in for a wild ride with these two, so check them out!


Wine & Crime

Hosted by the dynamic trio; Lucy Fitzgerald, Kenyon Laing and Amanda Jacobson; Wine & Crime is a hilariously scary podcast that’s all about–you guessed it–great wine and true crime! As these ladies will tell you at the beginning of each episode, this podcast is all about “three friends who chug wine, chat true crime and unleash their worst Minnesotan accents.” This true crime-comedy podcast will have you laughing and cringing all at once. These three badass gals pair each episode with a bottle of wine that ties in with the week’s topic, and then you get to listen to the three recount their scary stories as they get a good buzz!

Every episode, Amanda will start you off with some education about that week’s wine pairing. She covers just about everything: the type, the price, the origin, the process and more! Shortly thereafter, Lucy launches into the background and psychology on the subject, which means you get to understand what their talking about no matter what! The rest of the episode is filled with stories about crime from both Kenyon and Amanda and many hilarious tales about just about everything from all three. You definitely won’t get bored with these absurdly amusing women, so check them out here! (Author’s note: this is another favorite of mine!)


This Podcast is Haunted

Jen Vos and Cate Reed are two badass hosts that will scare the hell out of you with their creepy tales. From anecdotes about the lesser-known and very creepy sides of history to just about anything related to ghosts, you’ll be utterly captivated by what these ladies have to share! Whether you’ve heard the stories before or not, you’ll definitely enjoy what unfolds each episode. I’m not as far along in this one as I am the others, but it was immediately added to my list. And now, you can add it to yours!


Hell and High Horror

Hell and High Horror is a smorgasbord of murder, crime, ghosts and mystery. The duo claim to be average girls, but Austyn and Repy are definite badasses! The two are educated on everything eerie and are great storytellers to top it off. They discuss everything across the board, and no two episodes are alike. Between the frightening stories and goofy banter, you’ll definitely want to keep listening to these two spin their scary stories, which span across topics from around the world to their very own hometowns. Check out their Facebook page and find out where you can start listening!


My Favorite Murder

This is probably the true crime podcast many of you have already heard about, but I’m here to plug it anyway. Co-hosted by Karen Kilgariff and Georgia Hardstark, My Favorite Murder will have you shaken to your core. These two ladies each launch into messed up stories that cover everything from John Wayne Gacy to the Lululemon murderer. Amidst the twisted stories, these two also have some wonderfully hilarious quotes of their own to serve as a palate cleanser. But you don’t have to take my word for it. Listen for yourself!


All Killa No Filla

Co-badasses Rachel Fairburn and Kiri Pritchard-McLean will take you on a deep dive into a crazy serial killer every episode. The two provide great takes on well-known cases and have taught me a thing or two about many messed up people I had never even heard about. If you’re in the mood to learn all about murderers, these are your gals. As with many podcasts discussing such dark topics, they make sure to throw in some humor for you. However, they make it a clear point not to disrespect any of the victims involved in said cases. Ready to be spooked? You can do just that here!

This list is not exhaustive, but it’ll definitely keep you occupied for many, many weeks (…months). And while these podcasts are perfect for spooky season, you can listen to them anytime! So sit back, relax and enjoy! My advice? Order some wine from Bright Cellars and drink along for some liquid courage! Stay spooky my friends!

And as always, until next time, cheers!

By Our Lovely Contributor Kerry Souder.

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