Subscription Redemption: Trying My Hand at Bright Cellars

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Wine Subscription Box? From Bright Cellars?

Did I hear that right?

Thank God I did, because that is my dream come true.


Now, I’ve tried just about every subscription box on the block, and crashed and burned with just about everyone too. I’ve tried makeup boxes, self care boxes, clothing boxes, even pet boxes, and I’ve had nothing but so so or poor experiences.

If you can’t tell, the beautiful ( and easy hehe) idea that is a subscription box was and is incredibly alluring to me. When I heard about Bright Cellars, my shopping brain took a sharp veer into their turn lane, and next thing I knew I was on their website taking their quiz.

Did I mention there was a quiz involved? Well, there is. Bright Cellars offers a start up quiz to help pinpoint exactly what kind of wine they can send you. They explore different tastes and flavors you may enjoy. Taking you through different tastes such as dark chocolate and citrus, different flavors you might not have even associated with wine, they can make an educated guess on what you might enjoy in your box.

They do this to help discover new wines you may not have otherwise have tried.

After taking my quiz, and deciding to be a little adventurous, I decided to explore both red and white wines. This was ~crazy~ for me considering I’m normally a die hard for reds. I chose to have my wine shipped to a pickup location to ensure I could sign for it (21 and up people), and we were on our way!

A short while later, I was at the Walgreens picking up my new box of wines. Talk about happy mail!!!

When I got home, needless to say, I tore into the box. I was pleasantly surprised to find coupons, and even a cute Fall Cocktail recipe guide curated to my wines. I settled on the first bottle to try with my Fiance that night, the white blend.


Colorfast, White Blend 2017


Normally, I’m not much for white wines. I opt away from them. If a dish calls for  white, we just won’t have wine. Snobby, I know. But, for the sake of the subscription box, I gave whites a go. Colorfast was my first. Sweet, and slightly tangy, my fiance and I burned through the entire bottle. 

This is atypical for us. We normally have a glass, or two. But we ended up drinking the entire thing. Light, crisp, and citrus, we both rated this bottle a 7.5/10.


Mojave Rain Merlot 2016


I took this bottle on a road trip to a party at a friend’s. Following my earlier trend, except alone this time, I nearly finished the bottle. (It may have been the card games and ride the bus that helped, but who really knows?)

This wine is smooth, dark, and juicy. Weighing a little heavy on the tongue, and staining the mouth plenty, it filled the expectations of what I normally like out of a wine.

Unfortunately, as I had to abandon the last glass left in the bottle when my fiance picked me up, I still rate this bottle an 8/10.


Quinte Royale King of Spades Sauvignon Blanc 2016


The bottle I had dreaded most of all, a staple white. I pulled on my big girl pants to give it a try.


I hated it. Reluctantly, I took another sip of the bitter oaky Sav, and was still not a fan. I tried to work my way through a bottle with a fish dinner and couldn’t do it. Sadly, neither could the fiance.

Maybe it’s nice to cook with?


Drosera Shiraz 2017


The belle of the ball has arrived, it’s my fav girl the red blend. She accompanied us to a dinner with a couple friends who helped us judge. Rich, dark berry flavors filled our mouths, and was easily the fan favorite of the drinks that night.

Not mention, best label too, sporting gold foil and colorful Venus Fly Traps. Just oozing cool.

We finished the bottle in under an hour. 

After taking everyone’s votes, we ultimately decided between the reigning authority that was the four of us, that this bottle was a 9/10.


Overall , I’d do it again.


Absolutely, I would.

Happy mail is always fun and exciting, and you make it wine and I’m totally game.

Though not every bottle was a hit, it was still an incredibly fun experience to taste wines. It was like going to a vineyard from the comfort of my favorite mismatched fuzzy socks, and my well worn couch. Ideal tbh.

If you’re interested in trying Bright Cellars, check it out here. You get a $50 credit for trying, and that’s not half bad huh?

Let us know what you think!



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