The Planners We’re Eyeing For A Productive 2019

Everybody just wants to feel productive and make the most of their day right? What better tool to help keep you accountable of your tasks than a planner? (Pshh the answer is: nothing)

The right planner for you will depend on your preferences. Mainly, whether you like a predetermined layout as per any ordinary planners, or if you prefer to design your own  layouts. It also depends on your work routine, if your day consists of task that are high in turnovers, you would probably prefer a planner that gives you more space for one day so that you don’t leave out anything that you have to do for that day.

But if your work is more detail-approach, then you would probably prefer a planner that gives you space to map all the crucial details to ensure you complete a task thoroughly. There is no one fit-for-all planner and there probably can never will be no matter who designs it (and if you feel like this is you, stay tuned till the end of this article to find out more on how you can ‘build’ your own planner.)*

Planners, they come in different sizes and thickness. Some would say that the process of choosing the right planner for you is through trial and error, and I cannot agree more! I have tried many different planners over the years, both paper and digital, and I am yet still to find the right one for me. But at the end of the day, a planner will help make you feel productive and organised, no matter the size or format.

Here are a list of planners that could make your 2019 productive, arranged by price:



Before diving into the pages of the actual planner, there are pages that feature illustrations of iconic people to help keep you inspired all throughout the year, also a ‘board’ for you to set new goals this new year. There are also blank pages for you to freely design trackers or to doodle to your heart desires.

Following these featured pages are the typical planner pages that lets you plan out your weekly events and tasks. There is first a yearly overview to allow you to see the big picture of what’s ahead, then there is also a monthly overview that looks like a desk calendar, and there are spaces for you to reflect each month that passes, any memorable events you wish to cherish forever, or areas in your life you wish to make improvements of. Last but not least there is the weekly breakdown that, comes in either horizontal or vertical design, which you can choose to further customise the planner to your liking

What makes this planner unique is not only the variety of options as covers, but also the ability for you to customise the cover, by etching your name onto the cover via monogramming, which can also make this the perfect gift for that friend who is organised and loves stationeries.

Sounds like the perfect planner? Hear out my next option!


planner wallet sized

This planner is wallet-size thin and super portable, nothing bulky or anything like that, a definite plus for a planner! There are a variety of covers to choose from, cute ones to say the least, with options such as basic colours, or patterns like cactus or bears. There are two bookmarks for easier access to relevant pages, and it uses thin Tomoe River paper that is not only ghost-proof but also makes the planner even thinner than any other planner with the same number of pages.

This planner has a relatively more simple look, for those of you who prefer minimalism and simplicity. On the left page of the planner features seven rows to represent each day of the week, starting Mondays, and this template is the same for every week of the year. On the right page is simply a grid page to let you jot down things relevant to that week, if you wish to journal a memorable day, or any reminders for the upcoming week.

What’s cute about this particular planner is that there is a page specially to set out a list of 100 for a theme you desire, whether it’d be 100 things you wish to accomplish, or 100 things you are grateful for, the possibilities are endless. There is a page that converts between units of measurement for reference and lastly, it features a page that translate basic phrases in 6 languages, to aid you for your travels, so make sure you remember to pack this planner when embarking on new journeys!

The downside to this planner is that the default language is in Japanese, but if you don’t mind that then what are you really waiting for?


Kikki K Planner

It comes in two sizes—medium and large, and also two covers—a zipper or a stud button. The main upside of this planner is that it is refillable, once you fully fill up the pages of the planner you can take them out, store it safely then use a new set of refill to make your planner feel brand new.

This handy planner may be bulky, but for the right purpose. It features 3 slots to hold cards (such as debits, license or business cards). Also, it includes slots to put notepads that come with the planner itself, a ‘to-do’ notepad and a ‘notes’ pad. Then, there’s a zip pocket to hold your important documents (receipts or scribbles). Finally, it tops off with 2 pen holders. This is perfect to ensure you always have a pen on the go for that ideas/plans that pop up. 

Function-wise the planner features seven tab dividers, with four that are customisable. There are monthly spreads that help you plan out your months, and weekly spreads to help organise your weeks down to the specifics. The planner also comes with several sticker sheets for functionality but also serve as a means to decorate your planner and make it fun.

Kikki K’s personal planners have a wide range of covers that are monogrammable, they also sell accessories separately, such as page markers and paper clips to equip you with the right tools for your planner needs when you need them.

There are MANY more planner options out there, the list above is simply a guide to help give you an idea of what planners usually feature and how you can incorporate them into your daily activities!


If you are a stationery lover like me, and like to doodle on your planners (or anywhere really!) you could try on the bullet journal approach. Long story short it basically lets you design your planner to your needs, by letting you design your own planner spreads. The bullet journal is only the system to track what tasks have been done, which ones are waiting to be done or what events are happening on a particular day. The system also features an overview of your year to help you see the bigger picture. Not just that, it helps you in tracking habits, financial spending and other things you wish to keep a record of. It’s fully customization for those of you who never fully utilize a pre-designed planner you find.

There is an entirely separate community for this across different social platforms. Instagram and Pinterest would made a good start as a guide.

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