The Power of Crystals

Crystals have been around for centuries and we even played with them as kids through our science lessons in school. However, crystals are more than just a pretty rock that you have on a necklace or sitting on your desk at work. Thinking about them, I imagine their power flowing through me.

They have actual healing powers in them that can be used to bring inner healing and peace. We have compiled a few of the most popular crystals below…


The Amethyst is used to calm your mind, gives you restful sleep, eliviates your headaches, reduces your stress levels, gives you inner strength, stability, peace and stronger intuition.


The Quartz is used to bring you awareness, amplifies your energy, brings clarity to your mind, improves your memory, stimulates your immune system, and balances your emotions.


The Jasper is used to promote blood flow, aids with the circulatory and digestive system, helps with balance and stability, offers tranquility and courageousness into your life.

Tiger Eye

The Tiger Eye is used to bring you power. Health wise, it balances your emotions and asthma. It gives you courage, strength and confidence. Also, this powerful crystal brings you clarity, clear perception and insight.


The Sodalite is used to aid in communication, logic, balance, intuition, and self-esteem.


The Aventurine is used to promote love, positivity, happiness, creativity, and peace.


There are so many crystals to choose from but the six ones listed above are the ones that usually come in a beginners kit that you can by in stores or online. As always, one of our own BBB members has offered up some insight into how the power of crystals has changed her life…


“As stated in previous articles that I have joined in on, crystals are something that I really got into from learning more about them from my fave youtuber (Sam Ozkural). Ever since I was little I have always had a fascination with the way that crystals look. They have always been a part of my room decor in some way. The crystals have always brought me joy, happiness and a feeling of home. However, it wasn’t until I started watching Sam’s videos that I realized that they were more.

I bought my first starter kit back in July and honestly knowing what I know about each of the different crystals that I have has made each one of them bring a stronger impact into my life. For example, when I am suffering at night from Insomnia I hold tight to my Amethyst. While doing this, it brings me the most restful sleep. In order for them to work you have to believe that they will. Though, I was skeptical at first. But if a crystal sitting on your desk at work brings you joy and happiness then it’s doing it’s job.”

Brittnie Jones

      Chief Editor for BBB

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