Third Love: A Bra Experience

Who here likes to go bra shopping?

Anyone? Anyone?

Well, regardless of your answer, let me tell you mine; I do not. Stress, I feel stress, when I go bra shopping. Breasts are one of the most difficult parts of our body to fit perfectly when shopping. I would say 99% of bras on the market at regular department stores, the mall, even the speciality store only fit a PERFECT pair of boobs.

When I say perfect, I mean round, perky, facing forwards, a band size trending around 32-36, and the cups A-C. Now, if you have those breasts, you have hit the jackpot my friend. Bra shopping problems should only extend to the material and patterns.

But, what about everyone else? The majority?

What about women who’s breast fall into what’s “not perfect?”

This is how I’ve been feeling. For this very reason, I have found myself wearing bralettes and sports bras almost every single day for the last couple of years. While, these are super comfy and cozy, unfortunately only the sports bras are providing me with actual support. Support is incredibly important for breast tissue to maintain your shape, prevent wrinkles, and prevent (potentially further) back and neck issues. It’s all due to your Cooper’s Ligaments. When breasts move too freely, these ligaments stretch, and unlike elastic, it doesn’t go back.

When I turned 23, something clicked. I realized, oh man, I actually need to take CARE of my skin and body. Crazy ideas I know. So, along with cutting out soda, practicing an actual skin care routine, and taking vitamins, I have begun to pay attention to my breasts.

Let me introduce you.

I love my breasts, and I’m not ashamed to say that. They’re a part of my body I have grown to love. When it comes to bras though, wearing the same VS bras I’ve been rocking for the last few years just wasn’t cutting it. I was accepting tight straps, spillage, overflowing band, and wear and tear as okay. When, in all reality, I was accepting a subpar experience for my breasts.

Third Love is a company that interested me, because I was tired of buying from the same big chains for okay bras. So, I went on their site and started browsing around.

I decided to order two bras. I got one of their comfort straps and one of their push-up plunge bras. Because, I still do like a little oomph with my comfort. They came in beautiful packaging right on time. It was like unwrapping a little present with all the tissue paper and aesthetics.

Upon trying them on, they didn’t fit.

My normal bra size wasn’t clicking with these bras. I was bummed to say the least. So, I contacted customer service (I texted them, isn’t that convenient?) and they started asking questions about the fit. It was very impressive, and easy. I’m all about easy when it comes to customer service. After talking with my stylist, Brittany, she recommended a new size. I popped the bras back in the mail, and a couple days later my new ones arrived at my door. This time, they were a perfect fit. I took them for a test drive to see just how they did at a day’s work. Honestly, for the first time in my life, I forgot I even had one on. It was amazing. No straps digging into my shoulders, nothing slipping, no band cutting into the soft parts of my back, and no spillage. No lie, I felt a little taken aback. Was this how bras were always supposed to feel?

After trying these bras out for a few days, I ended up ordering another one. I now have three beautiful bras in my wardrobe from Third Love, and I will continue to order from them going forward.

If you’re still a little hesitant, try their try before you buy program. You essentially take a bra for a set drive for 60 days, if you don’t like it, send it back. All you have to do is pay for Shipping & Handling. If you decide you love it, you pay at the end of your trial period. On the other hand, it’s not for you? No worries, they donate the bra to a woman who needs it.

I highly recommend giving this company a second look, if not for the comfort, for the charity behind it too. Women helping women, us girls got to stick together. You can check out Third Love and see if it’s an option for you here.


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