Exploring the Newest Wine Region: Dahlonega

Nestled amongst the foothills of Appalachia, you can find the little town of Dahlonega. Recently, this town has gained a new title as a viticulture hotspot.  Dahlonega is officially a wine region.

The Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau has deemed the “Dahlonega Plateau” as the newest viticulture area in the United States.

Officially, region came into existence on July 20th, 2018.

So, what does this mean for viticulturists?

For winemakers, vineyard managers, and viticulturists alike, there are new ‘perks’ for them to reap the benefits of. Now, they can attribute the various qualities and characteristics of the wine to the region itself. With the designation from the TTB, it allows those involved to attribute a given quality, reputation, or other characteristic of a wine made from grapes grown in an area to the wine’s geographic origin.  Sections of wine growing regions with the same climate, soil, elevation and physical features are assigned an official AVA (American Viticultural Area) designation.  In light of this, the wine with an Dahlonega AVA label must have 85% of its grapes grown in the Dahlonega Plateau.

Since the designation, this has been an exciting time for Dahlonega wineries & vineyards who have been eagerly seeking out this right for years. “The designation of the Dahlonega Plateau holds great promise for wine grape production and agritourism,” said Georgia Agriculture Commissioner Gary W. Black in a prepared statement. Soon, we will see this promise. For now, check out the wineries below to see why they earned their title.

Top 3 Wineries to Visit in the Dahlonega Plateau


1) Wolf Mountain Vineyards

This winery has been visited by many over the years, and boasts many admirable qualities. While visiting the award winning winery, clients often compared to those in Napa, with hillside vineyards & superb hospitality.  On Google, you can see the reviews rave over the “excellent views” and the “wine was delicious, rivaling California wines”. Their website goes on to encourage visitors to try their yearly vintage (that usually sells out). Due to the high demand, it surely sounds like one you do not want to miss.

Be sure to give Wolf Mountain a visit, and enjoy the scenery that the Plateau has to offer.

2) Montaluce Winery & Restaurant

The warm sun, the beautiful vines, and the undeniably gorgeous architecture transport you to Tuscany at this winery & restaurant. Montaluce offers a well rounded experience of scenery, relaxation, romance, and gourmet cuisine. Whether you’re tasting at the bar, enjoying a cheese platter on the veranda, or dining in the restaurant you are sure to enjoy your time spent here.  After some time in the vineyard, ask for a tour from the assistant wine maker to see what Estate wines you’ve been sipping on come to life.

3) Kaya Vineyard & Winery

Last but not least, our third vineyard is prized not only for its wine but its spectacular music. Enjoy live entertainment, excellent wine, and fun festivals at this winery. Their events page is definitely one to watch, as they always have something fun going on in the vineyard. Check out their Staple Blue Truck Wines while you’re there for an original Kaya taste.


Honorary Mention: Etowah Meadery


Our honorable mention winery is actually a meadery! Made from honey, mead is a special type of wine. Along with the honey factor, it can be a sweet flat or carbonated wine. The flights offered at Etowah Meadery allow you to try multiple variations and takes on the yummy beverages. So, sit down and enjoy some board games in their light hearted and rustic avenue not far from Downtown Dahlonega.


What wineries have you visited or would recommend? Drop your ideas below!

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