Wine Making, At Home?

Everyone tends to take on some kind of hobby. Some people play sports, others focus on wellness, some people like to read (ahem), and some take on knitting or boating. There are a variety of hobbies to be taken on. One of those hobbies could be At-Home Wine-Making.

Are you serious?

Yes, this is a hobby you very well could take on. Though it may seem daunting, at-home wine-making could become your new favorite pastime. There are various ways you can take it on as well. Before you ask, there’s no grape stomping involved…unless you just really want to stomp on fruit, in which case, you do you, babe. Have fun with it. At my house, we’re working on our very first wine, an apple wine. Crisp, and delicious, it only has a few months left. Check out the kits we considered, and ended up using, prior to starting our new hobby.

Buy a Kit Online

Wine-Making Kit Vintner MasterThe Master Vintner Kit provides you with several different resources to get you started. A main boast of it is that you get to make a whopping six gallons of wine! Making wine at home in this volume may just save you some money in the long run. To start making wine with this kit, you do need to purchase a specific recipe kit. But, this is great because then you get to pick red or white or even something fun like apple or peach! The options are endless. If interested, you can purchase this master wine-making kit here. 

Six gallons can be a lot of wine, even to the seasoned wine drinker. If you’re looking for a more small-scale operation, and are leaning towards the cheaper end of the wine-making spectrum, here’s another kit to try. This kit helps you to make a respectable one gallon of Wine-Making Kitwine. They provide you with all the special products and chemistry equipment you need to ferment fruit juice into wine. It’s actually quite the process to create the wine we drink. Again, no foot stomping required. This is the kit we ended up going with to start our wine. They provided you with all of the tools and resources you need, with a small enough batch to not feel bad if you mess up. In the end, we have been grateful for that fact.

After receiving it, you use the fruit of your choice, you could easily create peach or even strawberry wine (yes, like the song). Is anyone else singing that song in their head now too? Just me?? Anyways, check out this kit here to get started on creating something brand new.

Wine-making not for you?

Or think someone else in your life might be interested in another Wine-Making Home Brewing Beer Kitkind of home brewing? There’s also beer brewing. Check out the number one seller in home brewing kits on Amazon. The Mr. Beer Home Brewing Kit makes a hearty two gallons of beer. They provide you with all of the tools and ingredients you need to create a multitude of different beers, appealing to all the different tastes. They also offer an IPA addition for the hardcore IPA fans.


If you’ve decided to go with one of the kits above, you’re going to need ingredients. You can very easily pick up the fruit you would like to use online or at your local market. Search for organic and sustainably farmed foods, and enjoy a conscious wine, created by you. Then, you can grab bottles for the new beverages. Check out Wine 2 Go for easy, reusable drink holders you can actually take with you. Here are some ideas on where to take your new wine. Wine-making has a huge potential to be a fun, rewarding hobby that you could enjoy for years to come.

If winemaking isn’t for you, luckily there’s always Bright Cellars. Get curated wines once a month, or delay it until you need it! You can read all about our experiences with them here and here.

Let us know if you try it out, and drop the comments below.

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