Wine on the Go

Wherever you go, your wine can follow! You may be the biggest homebody of them all, but sometimes leaving the comfort of your house is unavoidable. Luckily, I’m here to share some ideas to make your ventures into the world a little more enjoyable. Here are a few places you can go and easily bring your favorite wines with you:

Family Outings

‘Tis the season for family gatherings. While I adore my family, I understand that the holiday season can be rather stressful for a lot of people. Wherever you may be meeting up with your people, why not bring some wine to the party? With Wine2Go’s foldable wine bottles, it’ll easy to transport your drinks anywhere. An added bonus is you’ll definitely be the popular cousin. Another bonus? Wine2Go’s products make for fabulous gifts for the holiday season!

A Wintery Walk

It may be cold, but this time of year can also gift you with some of the most beautiful scenery. Warm up with wine, whether you’re embarking on a stroll through a snowy wonderland or a trip to see the mesmerizing holiday lights. Along with a genius foldable wine bottle, Wine2Go also offers this nifty tote to carry your precious cargo. These items make drinking on the go as easy as can be, and you don’t have to dispose of anything when it’s all said and done. +1 for the environment!

“Bring Your Own Wine” Restaurants

Take all the fun of going out to eat and subtract those pricey wine lists! Bringing your own wine ensures that you will like what you’re drinking and is a bit easier on your wallet. Many restaurants allow you to do this, but some charge an “uncorking” fee to take the place of the alcohol you would be buying. Be sure to look up your local restaurants’ regulations regarding bringing outside beverages before packing your bottles.


The weather outside may be frightful, but wine is always delightful! Be sure to check out Wine2Go so you can warm up with delicious wines wherever your day may take you. (Plus, Wine2Go is having a huge holiday sale! Use code WINE20 from now until December 31st to get 20% off everything site-wide!) We’re obviously all about wine here at Babes, Books & Bordeaux, but you don’t have to be–Blue Widget LLC also sells flasks and more for your enjoyment.

Whether you’re kicking it at home today or spending your day on the go, cheers!


Written by our lovely Contributor, Kerry Souder!

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