5 Wine Podcasts Every Enthusiast Should Listen To

Podcasts are the new radio shows. Except, instead of only being able to listen to them at the crack of dawn Monday through Friday, you can listen to enthralling conversations whenever you want.

You can find funny podcasts, educational podcasts, purely informative, dry, real, and so much more. You can also find wine podcasts. Here are 5 different wine podcasts that can provide a little bit of all of the above, both for the novice or the professional.

1.Interpreting Wine

This podcast by Lawrence Francis is educational in nature. It helps those to understand wine from the inside out, and the culture around it. Perfect for the professional, or the aspiring professional. You can find his podcasts here.

2. Vino101

A podcast both for those well-versed, and those who are just starting out, Vino101 is just that. They are on a, “mission to demystify the world of wine.” They are proud of their “no-snob zone” in making wine an inclusive space for everyone.

3. I’ll Drink to That

One for the professionals, this podcast is hosted by former sommelier, Erin Scala is on a mission. He is determined to take his knowledge, combines them with the wine masters of the world, and brings it all to the table just for his audience.

4. GrapeRadio

The name says it all. GrapeRadio is a wine talk show for those who grow and work with grapes. Perfect for someone in the industry, or someone looking to know more, this podcasts covers it all. It features topics such as trends, interviews, and even the enjoyment of wine.

5. The Wine Crush

Laura Lawson is born and bred in Atlanta, GA, but lives in the wine industry. Where ever she goes, she takes it with her. That’s the energy she brings to the Wine Crush. Each podcast is an hour long dive into how wine can be a part of everyday life.

There are a number of wine podcasts on the market, these are just some of the great ones you can find. For the aspiring wino, wine maker, or vineyard manager, these are just the thing to submerse you into the lifestyle. Along with that, they can even supplement your education.

Do you have a favorite wine podcast? Drop them in the comments below.

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