Woman of the Week: Ashley Madden

Say ‘hello’ to Ashley Madden!

When Ashley graduated from college, she was unable to find a job. “You see, jobs for graduates in my city are flooded because my city has over 10 colleges in it. So much so, that my college professors even told me it would be 9 to 10 months before I found a job. That’s when I got the idea that I could just do it myself and I didn’t need a boss. I began freelancing content creation, marketing, and executive coaching.”

And Helianthus Advising was born!

“I started Helianthus Advising with the goal of helping not only small businesses grow and prosper but the people that ran them as well as other young graduates like myself. I wanted a place where they could come and realize mindset mattered more than skill, that the skill could be learned. Something that took me a long time to realize.”

Through her freelancing, a new opportunity was born. Ashley started Waypost One after her honeymoon trip. “Inspired by our honeymoon trip, Waypost One is a travel website dedicated to giving travel guides and information to couples and those with handicaps or other travel limitations. As my husband and I go full digital nomad in May, we wanted a way to give back through our experiences. We’ve created a website and YouTube channel that aims to give everyone the information they need to travel.”

Most recently, Ashley launched Voluntold, a series about nonprofits local to her travel destinations.

Needless to say, Ashley is a passionate and skilled multitasker.

Here are our usual questions:

Favorite Book: “Either The Name of the Wind by Patrick Rothfuss or The Art of Asking by Amanda Palmer”

Favorite Beverage: “There’s nothing quite like a good glass of water.”

What are you passionate about? “Helping the environment and the people and animals that live in it. Though just really getting started, I have dreams of narrowing my business focus to nonprofits and green businesses.”

What do you do really, really well? “I believe that I’m really good at researching. It’s helped me to become a better writer and to volunteer more often. It allows me to find ways to help that I wouldn’t have otherwise thought of.”

If you could do anything with your time (regardless of obligations and finances), what would you do? “I would probably continue to travel and run my websites for a bit. However, eventually, I would come back and run an organic event farm. It would have the traditional farm aspects as well as also having an animal shelter and some educational workshops on it.”

We loved learning about Ashley and all the facets of her story & interactions with businesses. She closed out her interview with the following quote “If there’s one thing I could teach everyone it is: no matter what anyone says, if you push yourself, you’ll be surprised at what you can accomplish.”

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