Woman of the Week: Ashton Dent

It’s no shock we were so intrigued by Ashton Dent’s story. This babe is passionate and lives such a unique lifestyle. She lives a lifestyle of the land. 

We are so excited to share her beautiful story with you, so without further ado..


Favorite Book: “The Great Alone” 
Favorite Beverage: “Dirty Chai with Coconut Milk”

What are you passionate about? “Oh, so many things! Animals, herbalism, healthy living (beyond diet), and about 100 more things.”

What do you do really, really well? “Photography! It’s been my sole job for the last 5 years and I can definitely say, I’m good at it.”

If you could do anything with your time (regardless of obligations and finances), what would you do? “Ohhh, another full question! I would own at least 100 acres (in the middle of nowhere) and start a mini pig rescue to take in all the unwanted babies that were dumped after they’ve outgrown their “pet” status. I know, so random! Oh, I have 2 mini pigs though, and they’re seriously the loves of my life. On that acreage I would also farm full time and have greenhouses full of herbs to share with the community.”

Ashton’s Story: 

“I’m originally from Virginia but found my way to Alaska (my husband is military, at the moment) and fell madly in love with the state. We’ve lived here for over 6 years now and I can’t imagine being anywhere else. There’s something so freeing about being here, so many possibilities.

When we first moved here we did nothing spectacular, we rarely even left the house (outside of going to work), honestly. My health and sanity required me to quit my job at a daycare (any other endo sisters out there?!) and I went to photography full time.

That’s when we really realized freedom, especially for myself. I threw myself into self employment 100% and started to really experience life, it was amazing! My health triggered our entire lifestyle today. I could no longer eat commercial or processed foods so my husband began to hunt for our meat.

Soon after that we started to dream of a life that was completely out of the norm. We wanted to live off the land, raise our own animals, garden, heat our home with a wood stove, and basically cut ourselves off from regular society as much as possible at the time. We sold our 2000 sq ft house, our new vehicles, and over half of our belongings, and then downsized to a little 1000 sq ft cottage on 5 acres of forested land.

Soon after that we got chickens, bees, and my favorite, mini pigs. Instead of being surrounded by people, we’re now surrounded by the forest. It’s quiet, my stress level has plummeted, and I am so insanely happy. My health not being the best has also helped me to find my love for holistic health, especially herbalism. I’ve found a passion for helping others to truly listen to their bodies while using plants to help heal.”

From this, She in the Woods was born. It’s a blog focused on conscious living in all aspects. Ashton’s photography background really paints a beautiful picture of the special life she is living in the woods of Alaska.

In the near future, Ashton will be adding a shop filled to the brim with herbal skincare products, plant art and whatever else she feels drawn to! Follow along at www.sheinthewoods.com

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