Woman of the Week: Breanne Johnson

If you haven’t noticed, we’ve been super intrigued by ways that we can support both female-owned companies and companies that give back to amazing causes. In case you missed it, or haven’t already checked out our Gift Guides: Gifts That Give Back and Gifts To Support Female-Owned Businesses, you should totally give them a glance. They have a combined total of over 40 companies that we are loving and have ordered some holiday gifts from this season.

This week we had the pleasure of getting to know Breanne Johnson. Breanne owns a fair trade, ethically made, made in the USA clothing boutique called Salt & Light Trading Co. Breanne explains her journey, “The vision for the business was born out of my passion for the people of the Amazon Jungle, fair trade fashion, social enterprises & a desire to have a platform to encourage people.

The Amazon was a place I once lived with my husband. We never thought I would live in the States again but eventually found ourselves back here once we started a family. Starting S&L was our way of thinking outside of the box so that we could be a part of a place we love so dearly. We currently donate 10% of all of our sales to a children’s home in the Amazon. We love that this one is run by local women for the local children, and we feel so honored to be a part of what they are doing.

..most days I just wish we could do more.

I felt running a business would be the best way to make our support sustainable so if I was going to be selling clothes I knew I wanted to do it in an ethical way. I have had a long-term mantra that says ‘I want to thrive, not just survive.’ Over the past few years I felt very convicted of my purchasing and knew that if I sold apparel that I wanted my clothes to be a part of someone’s story that involved them thriving not just surviving. The journey of business ownership has been a rollercoaster, but whenever I feel down, I think of the women working at the Grace House every day and it encourages me to keep my head up high and keep working towards our goal.”

“I never thought my role in supporting the place we once called home would look like owning a fashion boutique.”

We are so inspired by Breanne’s drive and eagerness to do right in the world. In addition to her online boutique, she also hosts a podcast called Dreamer & Doer Podcast. She interviews people who are out there achieving their dreams no matter what part of the journey they are at and the struggles they’ve encountered. Her podcast serves as a platform to share their stories and as a result, encourage others and let listeners know that they are not alone.

Favorite Book: “Imperfect Courage by Jessica Honegger”

Favorite Beverage: “Iced Americano with cream”

What are you passionate about? “I have many things I am passionate about, but when it comes down to it, my heart is to encourage others to live out their dreams with meaning and purpose. When all my passions collide, I am in my happy places, and that’s a mix of loving people, podcasting, creating, photography, fair trade fashion, fitness, culture, traveling, encouraging others, inspiring a business owner & helping others.”

What do you do really, really well? “I am a really good cheerleader for those around me whether they are friends or fellow business owners. I’ve always been able to not only network well but do it in a way that is genuine and make quick, lasting friendships. One of my favorite things is connecting people I know to each other and watching their relationships grow.”

If you could do anything with your time (regardless of obligations and finances), what would you do? “Right now, I would love a beach vacation, but I would give that all up in a heartbeat to move overseas again. I miss it every day; it hurts.”

Thanks to Breanne for sharing her story!

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