Woman of the Week: Cynthia Besteman

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We are were honored to interview Cynthia Besteman as this week’s Woman of the Week!

Cynthia has an inspiring story about her experience with cancer and what she has built as a result – beautiful products and a supportive community for women!

“I own Violets Are Blue Skincare, an organic skincare company that I created after my bout with Breast Cancer. But, I realized it doesn’t matter what we put in our bodies if what we put on it is toxic.  So, I started making my own products during treatment and not only did other patients notice how healthy my skin was but so did my doctors!

My oncologist gave me the idea to start a full line as she wanted a healthy alternative to the products they were giving patients. I created 6 products to help women’s skin stay healthy during treatment and as that line grew, I created a 2nd line for women who are done with treatment or who have never had cancer. I was able to add in products like scrubs and masks that you wouldn’t necessarily use while your skin is being treated.

We also started donating product to women on their first day of chemo at Mount Sinai in NYC. As the company grows, so will our donation program. 10% of all proceeds go to support these donations, so it really is women helping women which is what the world needs right now! We can be found online with Nordstrom and Anthropologie among other retailers.”


What else did we learn about Cynthia?

Favorite Book: “Princess Bride (My mom read it to me when I was 8yrs old stuck home sick in bed! I remember it like it was yesterday and still love the book just as much now as I did then!)”

Favorite Beverage: “Iced Latte with almond milk (all day every day!) Although, I will never turn down a glass of Prosecco!”

What are you passionate about? “Helping women who have been diagnosed with cancer. Being diagnosed literally rocks your world and I know how that feels. I speak to women everyday who are where I was 7 years ago, and if I can help them feel a little less overwhelmed, then I am happy.  I also feel so strongly about helping women make shifts when it comes to products they are using, helping them shift to healthier choices. This is for all women, not just those going through cancer. I want to help women not get sick!”

What do you do really, really well? “I am a fierce Pickleball player! (if you don’t know what it is, look it up! It’s a VERY addictive sport!)”

If you could do anything with your time (regardless of obligations and finances), what would you do? “What’s funny, I would do EXACTLY what I am doing now, just on a grander scale! I am launching a Cancer Wellness Expo this Fall with 3 other cancer survivors. It’s a day of education, empowerment, and pampering! A place where women can come and learn about the latest in treatment, get personalized attention by doctors and meet other people going through the same thing, all while getting their makeup done! I want to take this to other cities and want to see it grow to be a full weekend. I would scale up my skincare company and open a brick and mortar. As, I love the one on one with customers.”


We are so inspired by Cynthia and her dedication to helping other women! To learn more about Cynthia and Violets Are Blue, visit https://violetsareblueskincare.com/.

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