Woman of the Week: Grace Elizabeth

Babes, meet Grace! Grace is a wedding photographer in Essex, UK.
We are so inspired by Grace’s Gold Dust Project. It’s a postpartum documentary photographic project. The Project aims to challenge the stigmas associated with postpartum women’s bodies. They celebrate the beauty of their scars and stretch marks by painting them in gold, inspired by the Japanese art of Kintsugi.
Grace explains, “Kintsugi focuses on fixing and putting back together broken ceramics with gold. The idea being that the ceramic item, once broken, now fixed, was more beautiful than before. I loved this idea very much, but refused to apply the ‘broken’ aspect to my project, because after all, postpartum women are not ‘broken’, and

they do not require ‘fixing.’ Therefore, the Gold Dust Project draws upon the beauty of gold and their beauty in their wonderful scars and stretch-marks.”

Adorned in gold, these women share the spotlight with their beautiful children in celebration and honor of their bodies.

And of course, Grace answered our usual questions…


Favorite book:

“Girl Boss by Sophia Amoruso – it’s my current read actually, but I love her wit and relate-ability as a #girlboss myself!”

Favorite beverage:

“Has to be tea – what British person gets through the day without that stuff?! ;)”

What are you passionate about?

“For me, I am most passionate about doing things that change people’s perspectives, and mostly, I achieve this through my photography business ‘Grace Elizabeth’. Whether that’s creating an empowering photographic project, hoping to change the stigmas associated with postpartum pregnancy (more on my Gold Dust Project later!), whether it’s taking photos that would’ve otherwise gone unseen at weddings (the kind which can be passed down for generations), or whether that’s sharing my newfound love for eco-friendly sticky tape, which might just inspire another business to follow suit.

For me, photography extends far more than just taking ‘pretty’ instagrammable photos, it’s about creating memories, and photos to document those memories, whilst inspiring people in the process!”


What do you do really, really well?

“I think if I am honest, my customer service is what I do really well! It’s all well and good being a photographer with a keen eye (something I trained at and have honed my skills at since I was just a child!) but I have always put people first. From the initial enquiry someone makes with me, to their wedding or lifestyle session, to the packaging of the final photos, to the delivery of them and the relationship I continue to keep afterward. Making people happy and having good customer service is so important to me.

My dad always told me that people are like piggy banks. ‘You get out of people what you put in’. So, I always treat my clients like friends, and I always put their needs first. I like to blur the line between customer and friend. It’s true, I get the most authentic photos when I know my clients well and when I care as much as they do about their photos. When people are most relaxed, that’s when they exude the most confidence and reveal their true selves. This means their guard is down and the photos are much more beautiful and honest.”

© Grace Elizabeth If you could do anything with your time (regardless of obligations and finances), what would you do?

“I think this is a cliché but obvious answer: travel. I only really began traveling last year, and I loved it so much. However, I am so grateful that my job allows me to travel and explore both locally and far afield. But I think if I could dedicate all of my time to traveling and documenting my journeys, that’s what I’d love to do!”

To learn more about Grace visit www.photographybygrace.co.uk.

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