Woman of the Week: Leigh Fossan

Women are amazing. Everywhere we look we have these amazing businesses, opportunities, and accomplishments being made by women around every corner.

We here at Babes, Books & Bordeaux want to highlight an inspirational woman we hope to support and empower.

Our first Woman of the Week interview is none other than Leigh Fossan, a Babe from our very own group Babes, Books & Bordeaux. Not only an avid book lover, she’s also a writer.

Leigh Fossan, author or Painting Blue Water
Leigh Fossan, author and artist.

Leigh began writing about two years ago and has now released Painting Blue Water. Painting Blue Water is Leigh’s debut novel, a romantic comedy that travels from Manhattan to Colorado.

When Leigh is not writing, she’s a professional artist. A woman of multiple trades. She sells her paintings all over the United States and abroad. How did this second love of writing come about?

Well, when she was studying art in Florence, Italy, she began a creative writing class, and her love for writing blossomed.

In that class, she wrote a short story and received a prestigious award! The rest? It’s history!

What’s Leigh up to now? She’s well into writing her second novel.

Other than just tell her about her history, Leigh’s also been kind enough to give us some fun facts about herself.

Name: Leigh Fossan

Favorite Book: “The Little Paris Bookshop”

Favorite Beverage: “Coffee. No, Wine. No, Coffee! Must I choose?!?”

We are right there with you Leigh.

What are you passionate about?: “My family, kindness, art, literature…”

What do you do really, really well?: ” I am a really good listener. And I am also really good at sitting in a coffee shop for hours at a time.”

If you could do anything with your time (regardless of obligations and finances), what would you do?: “That’s easy, I would write!”

We were so happy to sit down this amazing Woman Leigh, and we encourage you to please support this amazing, boss babe by checking out her art and writing websites.

Leigh’s Art

Leigh’s Writing

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