Woman of the Week: Maddy Sandoz

Hi babes! This week we are highlighting an up-and-coming female entrepreneur. At just 24 years old, Maddy Sandoz is the creator, founder & CEO of Glowing Up, a company aiming to deliver positive energy to your doorstep.

More about Maddy…

Maddy grew up in a suburb of Chicago. She is currently living in Atlanta and has been working in Operations at Tory Burch. She’s the type of person who is constantly dreaming up inventions but feels that she will never actually create them. (A genius idea of Maddy’s? Gas pumps on both sides of the car!)

One day, during her usual 45 minute drive to work, Maddy realized that she had been dreading going to work for some time now. She started daydreaming about where she really wanted to be and instantly pictured Los Angeles, laughing alongside some chicas similar to her (free-spirited, into ‘woo-woo’ things, a little out there). And then she wondered, ‘Why am I not there?’ She didn’t have anything tying her down in Atlanta. She’s 24 and the driver of her life. So for the next two weeks, without a plan in place, she put in her notice at work and began telling everyone “I’m quitting and moving to LA.”


On another drive to work, she suddenly came up with the idea of a subscription box for essential oils and natural beauty. Maddy explains, “ I just know I could feel the fire of passion in my stomach and that I needed to run with this idea.” Slowly, her idea morphed into what it is today – Glowing Up. Maddy connected with collaborators, friends & family for help and received more support than she could have ever imagined!

Glowing Up is not a subscription box, instead it is an individual box that you can purchase as many/few times a year. Maddy designed it this way because she personally hates subscription boxes since she always forgets to cancel them. The boxes are available by season and allow you to choose a focus area at checkout. There are 7 options, all of which relate to a certain chakra: courage, confidence, relationships & love, creativity & passion, inner wisdom, self-expression, and spirituality. There will be certain items in the box that relate specifically to the chosen focus area (crystals, journal prompts, yoga moves).


Maddy also gave us some fun tidbits about herself.

Favorite Book: “Zen and the Art of Happiness”

Favorite Beverage: “Coffee. Hands down.”

What are you passionate about?: “Deep connection and really listening to people. I cannot stand small talk, probably because I am terrible at it.”

What do you do really, really well?: “Consume Sour Patch Kids. And follow my dreams. I am an idealist, I don’t let fears and the ‘what-ifs’ stand in my way. Ain’t nobody got time for that.”

If you could do anything with your time (regardless of obligations and finances), what would you do?: “Honestly, at this current point in my life, I would be building a business and connecting with powerful women. Thank you for this question, it really makes me realize I am living out my dream life.”


We are so happy that WE got to connect with a powerful, ambitious gal like Maddy.

Be sure to check out Glowing up’s website at www.glowinguptribe.com and follow along on Instagram for up-to-date news as they launch their first box in December 2018!


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