Woman of the Week: Sarah-Marie Doherty

For this woman of the week, we had the pleasure of interviewing Sarah-Marie Doherty. Sarah-Marie is the co-owner of Northern Glow, a scented soy wax candle company. Along with her partner, Emily Abela, they aim to produce products that are safe for your health and home. The talented duo creates beautiful, vegan and cruelty-free candles with some delicious scents like Peach Bellini, Pumpkin Spice and Pine! The BBB Team is most intrigued by their Boyfriend scent, a dreamy, manly combination of oak and teakwood.

Northern Glow is all about celebrating the moments that get you glowing! This amazing duo is working tirelessly on their website and new product launch scheduled for October 2018!

Want to know more about Sarah-Marie?


Favorite Book: “Failing Up – Leslie Odom Jr.”

Favorite Beverage: “Tim Hortons French Vanilla”

If you could do anything with your time (regardless of obligations and finances), what would you do?: “If I could do anything with my time regardless of financial obligations, I would go back to school for architecture. I am extremely passionate about continued education and the idea of being able to design major facilities lights my fire. I would love to design major sports stadiums and arenas but due to daily commitments do not have the time to return to school full time to pursue this passion (yet).”

What are you passionate about?: “In my work environment, I am extremely passionate about sports facilities and the wonder of how many different events and personalities one facility can take on. Outside of work, I am passionate about Broadway! I love seeing amazing productions and have been blessed with the opportunity to see shows all across North America.”

What do you do really, really well?: “Plan! I have always been a planner. From vacations, to daily activities, meetings and future obligations; I love having a schedule and planning for the future.”

Follow along as Sarah-Marie & Emily’s plans come to action this fall!

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