Woman of the Week: Shannon Broderick

Babes, meet Shannon Broderick! Shannon is the owner of Dogs Eating Cake, a custom, all natural, grain-free doggy treat shop that also gives back! This dog bakery all started in Tempe, Arizona due to one picky pup. Shannon has the pickiest pup whose digestive tract was sensitive, so regular store-bought treats were not ideal!

Where did you start?

After researching dog treats and seeing all the harmful ingredients or fillers being used in store-bought treats, she began to create her own treats to spoil her pups with. Once people began to see the special custom creations her dog Chop (the pupper you see on the logo) was getting, they started requesting her to make their fur babies treats as well! The greatest part is that these treats are catered to your dogs needs, so they don’t disrupt your dogs’ normal diets.

Now, the dog mom of 3 caters to dogs of all sizes ages and breeds as a pure result of her love for caring for and spoiling all of the dogs. You can even purchase her beautiful creations online! Dogs Eating Cake has been recognized as the #1 trusted brand for all natural custom dog treats.

What’s the cherry on top?

This ethical brand has created a movement in the community by sponsoring local rescues and shelters through their adoption fairs, fundraising events and more!


Here’s more about this ambitious lady…

Favorite Book: “Where the Red Fern Grows because I’m obsessed with dogs and still living in my childhood days 😂”

Favorite Beverage: “Lemonade!”

What are you passionate about? “I am so passionate about things like health, fitness, animals, and food, but what really warms my heart is when I am able to educate & motivate others.”

What do you do really, really well? “I am great at being a team leader, and I thrive from being around people with the same energy and passion. I am great when it comes to setting examples, teaching, and serving others.”

If you could do anything with your time (regardless of obligations and finances), what would you do? “I would open up my own shelter for animals. I would give them a farm life where they can roam free and learn to love others without fear! Give them the life they deserve. Here in Arizona (as well as I’m sure other states) we have a huge overcrowding in shelters with countless abused, neglected, and homeless animals. One of the reasons I started my business was to help with this.”

Be sure to check out Shannon’s delicious doggy masterpieces at https://www.dogseatingcake.com/.

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