Woman of the Week: Yani Lauger

Say hello to Yani Lauger! She is the founder of Gleam Living, a hand-crafted, natural home & self-care shop! We were excited to learn about the inspiration behind Gleam Living and how she got started.

“I love to shop and especially enjoy shopping at local boutiques, just appreciating the detail and love that goes into local, handmade products. As I was reading some articles online one day and learned about different waxes and fragrances and how they can be harmful for you. That was disappointing because I absolutely love candles! I love how they can change the entire vibe of your home and how they can be such a little luxury after a rough day. I was searching for healthier alternatives and discovered soy wax and essential oils and just began to make my own candles.

I searched for beautiful vessels and experimented with different essential oils and had the best time! I figured I should go ahead and try to sell them and see if people would be interested, why not? I’m sure others would appreciate a beautiful soy candle like I did, but they may not have the time nor desire to make it themselves. So, I set up a shop on Etsy and told my friends and family and people seemed to really like them! I expanded my brand and made wax melts, essential oil blends and soap bars. I was able to get my website and sell my products in local shops.

This business has been a therapeutic outlet for me. I love that I get to be creative and am able to express that side of me while being able to help support my family!”

Yani took some time to answer some of our favorite questions to ask…

Favorite Book: “Kaffir Boy”

Favorite Beverage: “Probably iced tea because you can find it almost anywhere”

What are you passionate about?: “I have lots of passions! The main ones are God, my family and my business!”

What do you do really, really well?: I am good at taking naps if my kids would let me!  But let me see..I am pretty good at doing things I enjoy; I enjoy cooking and painting and decorating, oh, and I can shop like a pro!”

If you could do anything with your time (regardless of obligations and finances), what would you do?:If I could do anything with my time I would probably travel every month with my family!”

We got ALLLL the heart eyes perusing her online shop. Check it out for yourself here, and see some of her candles : https://gleamliving.com/

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