Women of the Week: Nell & Molly

This week’s unique WomEN of the Week feature highlights two young ladies, Nell & Molly, who formed a very important pressure group, Preventing Period Poverty. Based out of the UK, this political pressure group is new but growing and simultaneously, growing awareness.

After learning about pressure groups in their high school politics class, Nell & Molly began researching. Molly explains that period poverty is “still a huge issue in the UK, with around 137,700 girls last year missing school due to their periods. Our aims are to get local schools to provide free and easy access to period products for girls; this is so important as 1 in 10 girls aged 14-21 cannot afford period products. We believe every girl should have access to period products. Also, we greatly support the movement to cut all tampon tax as at this moment, it is still at 5%. We really appreciate any support we can get. With any donations we receive, we will put most of it towards buying period products for local homeless shelters and food banks. So far we have received a huge amount of support which we are very grateful for; overall, we are mostly hoping to spread an awareness for our cause and reach local MPs and council members who can help us make a difference.”

What an inspiring duo! You can learn more about Preventing Period Poverty via their Instagram. Their account features empowering pieces about a woman’s period. They also include action steps you can take to help the widespread effects of period poverty.

And of course, expect wonderful, effective things as they grow and spread awareness. 

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